Sky is a 2 year 9 month terrier mix with a lot of playful puppy energy. She entered the shelter as part of an investigation along with several other ill and emaciated siblings and their parents. Unfortunately, despite every effort, only Sky and one brother survived. While the rest of her family has been adopted, Sky is still waiting for her forever home. She has been in foster, and her foster mom is a certified dog trainer, so Sky has benefitted immensely. Her foster mom says "Sky likes walks but prefers a faster pace; she's trained to run with a bike and run on the treadmill. She is friendly with all humans. She is overly excited with children but only wants to play-she is sweet and loving but also loves to play all day long. Sky is crate trained and muzzle trained. She is not a big fan of small animals-so a home with no cats would be perfect for her. She has been good with other dogs that she has met before, but prefers a calmer partner in crime. This girl doesn't need pampered, she actually loves playing in the mud. In fact, bath-time and nail trims aren't her favorite thing to do; but she doesn't hate it. She loves to be outside to enjoy the weather and to be nosey to make sure she is all caught up on the town gossip. Don't hesitate to come meet Sky and make her part of your family!"

Photo: Lee, Troy

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