What Did Ryan Hurd Say To Maren Morris On Her Birthday?

Country star, Maren Morris turned 29 today (April 10).

Her husband and fellow country star, Ryan Hurd shared the sweetest birthday message via Instagram.

“Happy Birthday to this bus riding, snow skiing, veep watching, champagne loving, dog snuggling, accidental pop-star country singing bombshell. You make me smile every day. Love you, MM! Can’t wait to smother you in a few days.”

Although Ryan and Maren balance their marriage among their busy lives, the two work incredibly hard to stay connected. Recently, they proved to be a match on Cody Alan’s “Newlywed Game.”

In separate interviews, Cody fired away a series of newlywed questions for Maren and Ryan to answer. No one expected such precision.

CLICK HERE to watch the video and see how Maren and Ryan aced their A’s to Cody’s tough Q’s.

Want more? Hear Cody Alan's recent podcast featuring Ryan by clicking HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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