The Basics:

  • Careless showering mistakes can lead to damaged skin.
  • Taking long hot showers is mistake number one, followed by lathering too much with shower gels and body washes.
  • The other three other common showering mistakes are, not rinsing all of the soap off, applying facial masks after a shower, and rough towel drying.

The Full Story:

Most of us never think about hopping in the shower and lathering up. But if you’re not careful, you could actually damage your skin. For instance, long hot showers strip the skin of natural oils and can make eczema problems worse.

A lot of people choose to fully cleanse then do a facial mask after a shower.  Doctors warn that anything applied after a shower absorbs more rapidly which then causes skin irritation.  After shower products that are hydrating will help seal moisture back in 

On cold weather days we tend to jump out of a shower quickly to dry off.  To prevent dry skin from getting worse, pat down your skin with a towel. 


  • And you THOUGHT you knew how to take a shower. 
  • Here's the proper way to get clean.