While there's certainly a lot about women than men don't understand, there are also a few things about men that totally confuse women.

Here are some of those few things that men love that women might not understand...

  • NFL Sunday − Sure, some women like football, but guys take the whole thing to a new, religious level.
  • The Lives of Athletes − Women follow the lives of celebrities. Guys follow the lives of athletes.
  • An Utter Hatred of Shopping − Guys can't stand the standing, the waiting, the looking around for crap. Men see it as a complete waste of time.
  • Golf − While golf is very boring to watch, it's a very skillful game, which is what hooks guys. It's impossible to master and keeps guys coming back for more.

 (Source: Uncoached.com)

Ladies, is there something that your guy loves that you just don't understand why he enjoys it so much?