President Obama just couldn’t wait for BBQ in Austin this week — so he cut in line.


After a speech, the Commander-in-Chief headed over to famed Franklin Barbecue for some food, where patrons often wait for hours to get brisket and ribs.

But Obama was in a hurry.

“I feel a little bad, but I’m gonna cut,” he announced to the crowd, who didn’t seem to mind.

The president apologized and paid for the order of Bruce Finstad and his daughter Faith, who had just reached the counter when Obama arrived.

Obama wound up with a bill totaling more than $300, and jokingly asked Finstad how many other family members he was feeding.

Owner Aaron Franklin tells Eater, “No one’s ever just skipped line and gone right up to the counter and ordered food, but if it’s okay for someone to do it, it’s him. Everyone was super duper excited and he bought people’s lunches.”

“It didn’t seem to piss anybody off,” add Franklin. “And I can’t even imagine what kind of security nightmare it would be for a president to stand in line on the side of the street for several hours.”

Check out the video below!

Photo: YouTube